Rugs: Sizing and Blocking

Rug Out of Square or Wrinkled

If a rug is out of square or has permanent wrinkles, blocking or sizing may help.

Rug Sizing

To size a rug, it's turned over and made as square and flat as possible before being fastened down around the edges. A mixture of sizing and water can then be sprinkled over the back of the rug and allowed to dry.

The idea is that the sizing will help to equalise the tension in the rug foundation and so help the rug both remain square and lie flat.

Correct sizing will enhance a rug - making it more attractive and increasing its usability.

Rug Blocking

Rug blocking is often a compromise between making the rug flat or square. rarely can you have both, and it's the professional's eye that can decide what is best for a particularrug. It's nearly always best to make the rug flat rather than square as even the best quality rugs are rarely perfectly square.

Poor blocking can distort and damage a rug. Blocking is not a solution for a very crooked or badly woven rug.

This is not a DIY exercise. Sizing is best handled by an experienced rug professional.

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